Breakfast with my darling

Breakfast with my darling.

How wonderful to wake on a beautiful sunny morning in Terrigal Beach on the Australian Central Coast and be told that you will be dinning in a french restaurant for breakfast. I wasted no time I quickly  dressed in clothes which made me feel great, and applied  my new makeup from Napoleon Perdis and my channel no 5 and then suitably smug and happy went to breakfast with my ‘darling’.

It was a wonderful morning, the food was exquisite and I enjoyed crepes and coffee overlooking Terrigal lagoon and beach. I enjoyed the ambiance and the wonderful young and hip waiters and thought to myself that these are the moments in life which sustain us ….and I shall store this memory in my heart and be grateful to the universe and to my ‘darling’ that I was the recipient of so much beauty and love on this day….

A blessing to you …..Regards Tink

AKA Deborah



  1. Ahhh! Breakfast in a French restaurant … I would have been quick to respond as well. Sounds wonderful. Thank you for following my blog.

    1. Hi Judy,
      I loved the stories you have written and I love Ireland. Thank you for the depiction of ‘kissing the blarney stone ‘. I must have travelled to it in my dreams as I have certainly ‘the gift’ of telling a good yarn’ but then my ancestors were from Ireland.
      I hope your day is a beauty full of everything you want it to be.

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