Sometimes in life despite your very best efforts you are unable to remain in relationship with someone you love. I love my heart child who was born to another mummy in another country and who came to me with reactive attachment disorder May life treat you kind, may you always have a soft pillow for […]

I certainly am a lucky woman. The other night ‘darling’ went out to the shops to purchase some mundane household items and returned with 10 long stem red roses. I was not aware that he had bought me some flowers as I was reading in the bedroom. I have a particular soft spot for roses […]

A gift from my ‘darling’.  Today I am writing about a most beautiful gift my ‘darling’ gave me in 2012. I know that most people have photos of themselves which make them feel beautiful but I at 50 had not gotten around to having a photo done which made me feel this way. Lucky for […]

Breakfast with my darling. How wonderful to wake on a beautiful sunny morning in Terrigal Beach on the Australian Central Coast and be told that you will be dinning in a french restaurant for breakfast. I wasted no time I quickly  dressed in clothes which made me feel great, and applied  my new makeup from […]